Bloomberg Supports Prospect Park West Bike Lane and Former Transportation Commissioner Suing for Its Removal

03/22/2011 1:59 PM |

Oh, the irony.

  • Oh, the irony.

Remember former Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall (served 2000-07), one of the connected Slopers suing her former office over the Prospect Park West bike lane? Yesterday during a Q&A session following Lord Bloomberg’s press conference about how you can pay your parking tickets online now (yay!?), Streetsblog editor Aaron Naparstek remarked that Weinshall’s opposition to the Prospect Park West bike lane seemed like a way of defending her tenure as DoT commissioner from that of her far more successful and beloved successor, Janette Sadik-Khan. Bloomberg’s response was predictably contradictory.

The Post and Transportation Nation quote Bloomberg:

I’ve known Iris for twelve years; she was a commissioner in our administration for eight. She did a very good job. I was sorry she chose to leave, I tried to convince her to stay. I read about her position on bike lanes. I think I’m probably on the other side of it. It’s probably not fair to ascribe motives to Iris for trying to stop a bicycle lane other than she doesn’t think there should be a bicycle lane there.

In summary, bike lanes are good, and the person formerly in charge of bike lanes suing the city to have one removed is totally normal neighborly behavior. (Streetsblog, Image)

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  • You’re a douche… can you try to get some things right when you’re being snarky. The new thing is the ability to contest your tickets online (including submitting supporting evidence like photos) instead of going to the traffic court. We’ve been able to pay and challenge (words only) parking tickets online for a decade.

  • “It’s a minor point, but the throwaway line about paying parking tickets online isn’t quite accurate. We’ve been able to pay and challenge parking tickets online for a decade: what’s new is the ability to contest your tickets online while submitting supporting evidence like photos.”

    Not being an asshole to people is literally the easiest fucking thing in the world.

  • Mark — If the post wasn’t written with the ever present snark (e.g., Lord Bloomberg and “predictably contradictory”), I would have probably made a comment like the one you have suggested. Is it really that odd that the Mayor wouldn’t trash his former commissioner?! Come on. He said, She’s wrong, but I still have respect for her. Is that wrong?