Borough Hall Getting New Ghost Bike for Unreported Cyclist Collisions

03/04/2011 4:55 PM |

Ghost bikes nyc

A week from Sunday the New York City Street Memorial Project—which paints and installs the ghost bikes at sites around the city where cyclists have died—will be leading its multi-borough 6th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk, ending up at a new ghost bike about to be installed near Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn. There were seven cyclist fatalities reported in Brooklyn in the past year, but this, the eighth ghost bike installed in that time-span, represents unreported bike accidents.

The Brooklyn Paper reports—with some faulty math (7+1≠6)—that the symbolic additional ghost bike will be installed secretly, its exact location only to be revealed at the time of the memorial ride and walk. Five separate memorial rides will converge on Brooklyn Borough Hall at 5pm next Sunday, and then to this new bike for the unreported at 5:15pm.

The hope is that in light of new legislation requiring all accidents involving cyclists to be recorded, there won’t be a need to speculate on such unreported bicycle accidents. And with the number of bike lanes and cyclists booming while the number of cyclist deaths remain relatively constant, the new bike accident records will be crucial in informing new improvements to bike infrastructure—just no bike registration scheme, please.