Brooklyn Artist Brian Tolle Unveils Plans for Borough Gateway Sculpture

03/08/2011 3:39 PM |

Brian Tolle sculpture for Brooklyn Gateway

  • Image by Brian Tolle, via Brooklyn Paper.

Brooklyn-based artist Brian Tolle—who lately has specialized in Oldenburgian Pop art sculptures featuring miniature buildings made of droopy rubber—has been tapped to create a major public artwork for the “Gateway to the Borough,” also known as the highway coming off the Manhattan Bridge. The sculpture, mocked up above, will feature two female figures (Miss Manhattan and Babe Miss Brooklyn) on a rotating rig high above traffic.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the sculpture, part of a $23 million redesign of the traffic-choked area where the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and BQE converge on Downtown Brooklyn, will rise some 25 feet above the street. The two Misses, who will be seated on a rotating platform, are a reference to two grand statues of the allegorical borough figures that stood watch at the Manhattan end of the Manhattan Bridge until the 1960s. They’re now on view at the Brooklyn Museum.

Once installed on the median of Flatbush Avenue Extension just south of Tillary Street, Tolle tells the BP, the ladies will be “spinning individually and orbiting together, so they are doing a perpetual dance.” Sounds just like the type of thing Marty Markowitz will be into.