Brooklyn Hatfield Kills Brooklyn McCoy in Bath Beach Barber Shop Gun Fight

03/10/2011 9:50 AM |


Michael Mininni was getting his hair cut at Naciones Barbershop on Bath Avenue in Bath Beach when 77-year-old Carmelo Calabro burst in, waving a gun. Mininni, a corrections officer who was off-duty, pulled out a gun of his own; the two struggled, and Mininni shot and killed the septuagenarian.

The twist? The two were neighbors, and bitter enemies for the last several decades, the New York Post reports—they were Brooklyn’s own Hatfield and McCoys, Capulets and Montagues.

Mininni and Calabro had argued before the former killed the latter, though it was unclear about what; no one seemed to know, in fact, what their beef had been in the first place.

It was serious, though:

“At one point, Calabro built a six-foot high brick wall to separate their property,” the Post reports. “Even though a chain link fence already divided them.”