Carroll Gardens Kids Forced to Take Patriotism “Litmus Test”

03/29/2011 2:57 PM |

PS 29 on Henry Street, where lapel flag-pins are mandatory for teachers

  • PS 29 on Henry Street, where lapel flag-pins are mandatory for teachers

For a decade, students at Carroll Gardens’ PS 29 have not had to pledge their allegiance to the nearest American flag every morning. But those anarchic days are over. Parents complained about the missing indoctrination ritual, the Carroll Gardens Patch reports. “If a parent wants it, I have no choice, we have to do it,” the school’s principal said. New York State law requires that schools do the pledge of allegiance, although students are not forced to participate. (After September 11th, the Bord of Ed “passed a resolution” that “reinforced” the law. God, remember those days? When suddenly there were American flag decals on bus windows?) Once I found out I didn’t have to say the pledge of allegiance, as a high school student, I defiantly refused to stand daily, such the rebel was I. But some parents worry that children who decline to rise up and swear that they cross-their-heart-hope-to-die love America could be harassed by jingoistic bullies.

“It’s ironic because the school was just dealing with issues of bullying and how to deal with peer pressure,” one parent told the Patch. “Here you have the perfect example of bullying.”

He means the way that the government is bullying its underage subjects citizens into swearing an oath of fidelity, right? Love it or leave it, kids.

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