Choice Eats 2011: Lowly Intern Prepares To Overeat at Tonight’s Food Festival

03/29/2011 11:37 AM |

Yummy-looking something from Choice Eats 2010.

  • Yummy-looking something from Choice Eats 2010.

T-minus a bit less than 7 hours until Choice Eats 2011, where the Village Voice challenges me to sample food from several dozen different restaurants hand picked by Voice food critic Robert Sietsema, and I take it on, with varying results. Perhaps I’ll have to be rolled out, or I’ll walk out unscathed, but regardless the event—which is being held yet again tonight at the 69th Armory on Lexington Avenue at 26th Street from 6:30-9:30pm—will prove to be either incredible, heart attack-inducing, or a little bit of both.

For those who haven’t gotten tickets yet, unfortunately you’re SOL—the event sells out quickly each year. Below are some of the dishes I’m most excited to try.

Whatever form of pork the folks from Porchetta have to offer: I know, I know, it’s probably really as over-hyped as they say it is, but given that I haven’t tried Sarah Jenkins’ famous Italian pork roast before, now seems like the appropriate time to do so. Pork, get in my mouth!

Buns from Baohaus: The Four Loko-soaked Eddie Huang empire is not somewhere I’ve ventured to before, but the “reach for that bun and you’ll pull back a bloody stump” mentality of the ticketholders in line at this stand last year means that these shouldn’t be missed.

Desserts from Del Posto: Arguably my favorite restaurant in the city, this Batali-owned Meatpacking District staple whips up a mean just about anything, especially the olive oil-filed chocolate lollipops that are a staple of the restaurant’s delicious post-desert box of petite fours.

Patacones from Patacon Pisao: Like a sandwich—okay, it is a sandwich—but with giant fried plantains instead of bread, these meat-filled, banana-encased concoctions appeal to my inner (or outer) fatty like you wouldn’t believe. A staple for drunken club goers way up on 202nd St, I’m glad I won’t have to travel that far to try one… or two… or maybe three.

Choice Eats happens tonight at the 69th Armory; tickets ($80) are sold out, but maybe you can find some reheated on Craigslist?
(Photo: Daniel Krieger)