City Council Passes Bill Kneecapping Misleading Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Clinics

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03/03/2011 1:01 PM |


By a vote of 39-9, the City Council yesterday passed a bill requiring NYC pregnancy centers to clearly define the services they provide; the bill, a victory for pro-choice and family planning advocates, is designed to curb the often misleading practices of the pregnancy clinics run by antiabortion advocates (you’ve seen the deceptively open-ended subway ads), which aim to attract young women who’re considering abortion, the better to dissuade them from it, often by moral pressure or by withholding basic reproductive-health tools.

Mayor Bloomberg is expected to sign the bill, sponsored by councilwoman Jessica Lappin and speaker Christine Quinn. The bill requires all pregnancy centers to announce, via signage in English and Spanish, whether they have any licensed medical practitioners on staff; and whether they provide or refer for abortion and emergency contraception, among other things.

In an email blast yesterday afternoon, Planned Parenthood of NYC head Joan Malin called the bill an important precedent for the rest of the country.