City to Prospect Park Homeless: “You Don’t Have a Home, But You Can’t Stay Here”

03/16/2011 3:24 PM |

Looks comfy, right? Keep movin!

  • Looks comfy, right? Keep movin’!

A homeless man took the time to build a six-foot tall house of twigs next to the lake, near the Vanderbilt Avenue entrance, in Prospect Park, but police officers evicted him from it and then tore it down yesterday after “neighbors” complained. (Who are his neighbors? Other homeless people who are jealous?) The Brooklyn Paper describes it as “big enough to sleep three men…inside was bedding; outside a small shovel and a tarp.” Sounds awesome, like something Rufio would have built.

The Brooklyn Paper suggests that the response could be read as a sign that Emily Lloyd, the new head of the Prospect Park Alliance (who took over for park-icon Tupper “I Kill Geese” Thomas), wants to be taken seriously in her new job and avoid, for now, any easy criticism. Some shanty shit? Tear it down! “It was a big deal,” an eyewitness to the dismantling told the Brooklyn Paper. “The whole [parks] crew was there.”