Come Say Hi to Us at a SXSW Panel on Thursday

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03/15/2011 1:16 PM |

If you happen to be in Austin this week for indie-rock spring break, you should swing by the Austin Convention Center this Thursday for a panel discussion, featuring L Mag president Daniel Stedman, on “How to Build a Festival.” We’re not going to play it cool here, we sort of flipped out when Northside was asked to participate in a discussion alongside the founders of Burning Man and, holy smokes, Bonnaroo, but we suppose that’s the magic of SXSW, a festival we have the utmost respect for in its own right, especially since taking a stab at organizing one of these things ourselves. Check out a brief description of the panel below and come find us in room 8BC on Thursday at 5pm. Then we’ll go hang out and watch some basketball together.

“A group of college buddies in love with the music scene of New Orleans share a vision for a national festival, which kick-starts a new era; free-thinking citizens of Northern California create full-moon gatherings which beget a global culture; a small print magazine looks beyond the listings page, to the live stage (ed. note: That’s us, look Mom!). In these three live case studies, panelists from Bonnaroo, Burning Man and Northside offer their insight, discuss the next generation of issues and challenges, and share more than a few anecdotes.”