Coming Next Week to More SXSW Coverage Than You Can Possibly Care About (OR CAN YOU?!?)

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03/10/2011 11:00 AM |


  • Austin.

Global hipster monoculture assemble! South By Southwest starts tomorrow as the film component kicks off, and the music festival (“the one people actually care about”) starts on Tuesday. And we, The L Magazine, will be there, reporting back, racing our fellow-cultural-commentators to be the first to tweet about things.

Starting tomorrow night, I’ll be in Austin for SXSW Film; I’ll be filing daily dispatches for The Measure next week, and tweeting furiously throughout at @LMagFilm. (I don’t have a smartphone, so they may all come in bunches? Should have thought this through better.)

And starting next week, once SXSW Music gets underway, the cool kids Mike Conklin and Lauren Beck will arrive to blog here and Tweet @LMagMusic (at least one of them has an iPhone).

Plus photos! Interviews! It’ll be like you’re there, which, come to think of it, you probably will be.