Developer Uses 8bit Bike-Racing Video Game to Market Ugly Williamsburg Apartments

03/16/2011 4:15 PM |

Alternate title: Gentrification: The Game.

  • Alternate title: “Gentrification: The Game.”

Directly across the street from one of Williamsburg’s only pretty “luxury” buildings—the renovated factory at 184 Kent Avenue—is one of its absolute ugliest (which is saying something, right?) at 175 Kent Avenue on the corner of North 3rd Street. That ugly-ass gray-white faux-fortress starts welcoming tenants next month, and the first step in their marketing push is the hilarious 8bit video game Tour de ‘Burg, in which you control a gentrifier who bikes from Manhattan, over the Williamsburg Bridge, and into your new apartment, dodging cars and pigeons as you go. It’s the most offensive bit of gentrification-themed marketing since the hipster-Hasid Williamsburg coffee blend. (Brownstoner)