Four-Day Badges and Beirut Tickets Are Now on Sale

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03/11/2011 12:46 PM |

Marty’s excited, we’re excited. Let’s get this party started. Tickets to the aforementioned Beirut show on Friday, June 17 at the McCarren Park outdoor space are on sale right here, right now: $25 in advance, $30 day of show. If you’re on the fence, check out Zach’s dance moves in that video we posted yesterday. Done and done.

Or, if you prefer: All-ages badges are also on sale here for a limited-time price of $60, which, considering that one will grant you access to every show taking place during the four-day shindig &#8212 June 16-19 in case you’re just joining us &#8212 in addition to all Northside film, ideas and art events, ain’t that bad of a price. And we haven’t even mentioned all the discounts on food and drinks at local bars and restaurants that’ll be offered to badge holders as well. Read after the jump for more important info about them badges.

‘Cause we don’t want to be jerks, we want to stress that badges are admitted to shows on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’ve tried our hardest to hold a higher percentage of spots for badges than other similar festivals, and, for the most part, we’ve been successful. We realize how much it sucks to spend money on a badge and be turned away at the door, but at the same time, it’s important to realize that admission is not guaranteed. So if there’s something you really, really want to see, you’ll want to either get there early or consider buying an individual ticket. But even if you don’t, we’re confident that you’ll be able to see a ton of great music armed with nothing more than your very affordable badge. There will be a one-in, one-out policy too, meaning if a badge holder leaves the venue at any point during a show and there’s another badge holder waiting to get inside, they’ll be able to enter at that time. As shows become announced, we’ll try to be as specific as possible about how many spots are reserved for badges, so you can gauge and plan accordingly. Deal?