Halsey Street L Stop: Deadliest Subway Station?

03/28/2011 11:25 AM |

The most dangerous street in Brooklyn?

  • The most dangerous street in Brooklyn?

A man forsaken by his ex-girlfriend took his own life on Saturday by jumping in front of the L train near the Halsey Street station. The man, who has not yet been identified, assaulted his ex (who was not injured) at her apartment when she spurned his pleas for reconciliation, the Daily News reported, then headed for the subway, where he climbed off the platform and walked the tracks before putting himself in front of an oncoming train around 8 p.m.

Only two months ago, an intoxicated 24-year-old died accidentally at the same station, when he jumped onto the tracks to retrieve dropped keys. Guys, never ever get off the platform at the Halsey Street station.

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