Hydrochloric Acid Attack at Bay Ridge High School

03/11/2011 8:55 AM |

Acid head

  • Acid head

As if chemistry class weren’t bad enough, Albina Eshimbaeva got a face full of acid during Wednesday morning’s lab. The 15-year-old Fort Hamilton student was saved from blindness by her teacher, who immediately began diluting the HCl with water. (Note to chem lab teachers: always keep a base handy.) The Post reports that the assailant, 16-year-old Zhanna Smsarian—who, yikes, appeared in court yesterday in her ROTC uniform—”admitt[ed] to cops that she wanted to burn the victim’s eyes out and [said the victim] got what she deserved.”

Christ, teenagers, this isn’t about Facebook, is it?

Anyway, Smsarian was charged with, among other things, criminal possession of a weapon and possession of noxious material. So…wouldn’t that make participating in chemistry class a crime?