Introducing Brooklyn Magazine: Yes, We’re Cheating on The L

03/21/2011 4:09 PM |

michael pitt cover

  • We like print.

If I’ve seemed a little distant lately, if the spark hasn’t been quite there, well… it’s because of Brooklyn Magazine. That’s right, we’ve just put together a new quarterly magazine and it’s shiny and big, with lots of photography and profiles of famous, interesting and beautiful people (like Michael Pitt and Siri Hustvedt and Jeffrey Wright and Jen Mankins!). It’s so fancy we decided to charge money for it (you can subscribe to it here), because the one thing we’ve learned over the years is that a nicely put together print publication will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

To the future!

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  • I’ve read the inaugural edition. Very disappointing. It looks beautiful and fashionable, like one would expect. But at its heart it speaks from a place of priviledge, arrogance, self-satisfaction, myopia, and territorial ignorance. Brooklyn is not your town exclusively, Ms. Grey-Jersey-Gilt-Groupe-Wearing Greenpoint G-Train loving transplant. Don’t bother us with navel gazing articles from your handle-bar-moustachioed steam-punk artisenal cheese dreams. You belong to no-one. Make a blog instead of a magazine for the love of authenticity. Print is dead, and you’re worse than dead; you’re BORING.

  • Please forgive our territorial ignorance.

  • Please forgive our territorial ignorance. And those other things, too.

  • Congratulations and job well done! It is fashionable, smart, relevant and to me, it is VERY BROOKLYN! I found it all just great! and look forward to future issues!
    Paula Madrid