Listen to TV on the Radio’s Second Slightly Boring Song From Their New Album

03/11/2011 2:32 PM |


As an arts-and-culture guide operating in Brooklyn, we suppose it’s our duty to let you know that TV on the Radio has offered up another taste of their forthcoming album, Nine Types of Light, which, for the record, is a pretty kick-ass album title. In a step in the right direction from the smoothed-out, R&B-tinged “Will Do” that began circulating a few weeks ago, “Caffeinated Consciousness” showcases Tunde’s vocals jabbing into something that could be found on a Red Hot Chili Peppers album. It has a cool vibe mixed with just the right amount of grit, but I can’t help but find it slightly underwhelming when compared to the tense, on-the-verge energy of previous standouts like “Staring at the Sun” and “Wolf Like Me,” though I realize saying anything negative about these guys is never of popular opinion. See for yourself in the stream (also available for free download in exchange for your e-mail address) after the jump.

TV on the Radio – Caffeinated Consciousness by neontapedeck

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  • Thank you Lauren.You put in words EXACTLY what I was feeling about these two new songs.They’re both decent and I don’t dislike them,but they are indeed a bit underwhelming.They’re definitely not as strong as the first two singles from their previous album.’Golden Age’ and ‘Dancing Choose’. However those are just two songs from a ten track album.We still have eight more songs (or maybe about 10 if you count the deluxe edition cd) that we haven’t heard yet. Regardless I’m still looking forward to the new album,and to seeing them at Radio City ! 🙂