Man, the New Fleet Foxes Record is Going to be Really Good, Isn’t It?

03/22/2011 9:50 AM |


Courtesy of the good people over at One Thirty BPM this morning, we get to hear another track from the upcoming Fleet Foxes record, Helplessness Blues. While the album’s title-track and first single had the band sounding very much like a modern-day Simon and Garfunkel, “Battery Kinzie,” streaming below, is more in keeping with the Appalachian-inspired sound of their debut, with powerful, if lumbering, percussion and gorgeous harmonies. The record’s not due out until May 3rd, but you can pre-order it here. Or you could bid on a test pressing of the album, which the band’s auctioning off to benefit the people of Japan.

Fleet Foxes – Battery Kinzie by One Thirty BPM

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  • I’m trying to come up with something that would be a humorous item to cite as the exact opposite of “my cup of tea”. Failing. I could probably actually use a cup of tea…