Photos from Last Night’s ACT4 at New York City Opera with Beach Fossils

03/25/2011 3:45 PM |

OMG its Beach Fossils! (Did you hear about OMG being added to the OED?)

  • OMG it’s Beach Fossils! (Did you hear about “OMG” being added to the OED?)

Last night, following a performance of The Elixir of Love, the New York City Opera and The L Magazine took Brooklyn’s Beach Fossils up to the fourth floor to perform the latest in our opera after-party series ACT4. Photographer John Rogers was on hand to take these pretty pictures of all the beautiful people sipping hurricanes and other cocktails provided by Southern Comfort. You could be one of them by attending our next ACT4, with Jen Liu and Maria Chavez‘s audio-visual performance art piece FUGUE STATE E following March 31st’s performance of Monodramas.