Safer Atlantic-Washington-Underhill Intersection Approved; Construction Starts in Summer

03/01/2011 2:28 PM |

intersection of Atlantic Avenue, Underhill Avenue and Washington Avenue in Brooklyn, Clinton Hill-Prospect Heights

Last month we learned that the terrifying intersection of Atlantic, Washington and Underhill Avenues (pictured) on the Clinton Hill-Prospect Heights border was slated for a much-needed traffic-tempering redesign, pending approval by Community Board 8. The Times‘s blog The Local confirms that the proposal was approvedby CB8 unanimously, and also met with approval from CB2 (the intersection, being on a neighborhood border, has to please both boards). So, what next?

The Department of Transportation will begin construction this summer at the intersection, where over twenty pedestrians have been hit and injured in the last fifteen years, and where a cyclist was killed last September. Said construction will involve all the featrues put forth by local architect Jeff Sherman in the proposal that spearheaded the effort to refurbish the intersection, like adding protective bollards, extending the intersection’s curbs and widening its medians:

This will shorten crosswalks by 32 feet on the south end of the intersection, 20 feet on the west end, and 8 feet on the east end.

Still no word on any improvements to the intersection’s non-existent bike safety measures, but I guess we’ll cross that six-lane highway when we get to it.