So, Nuclear Power?

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03/30/2011 4:00 AM |


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I don’t like the idea of nuclear power. Everything in Japan is making me very nervous, and the idea of a terrorist bombing a nuclear plant near New York just scares me shitless. There has to be another way off fossil fuel technology. Solar power, maybe. I’d drive a solar car.


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I would support more nuclear power, yes, at least as another thing to try alongside wind and solar. I don’t know too much about nuclear power, but things I hear on the radio say it can be pretty safe. If it really can be done safely, of course I’d want more of it. It doesn’t pollute and if pollution 
cleared we could see the stars.


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I have no idea where our power comes from currently, so I can’t really say I care one way or the other. I mean, sure, if it works, then fine. But more than that, I’d rather we had better ways to run our cars. If we had more electric cars, then not only would I save on gas but you’d have the same benefit of reducing pollution. 
More electric cars, please.


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Yeah I’d be up for nuclear power. I’d drive a nuclear car—it’d be like Back to the Future! That’d be pretty awesome. Plus, I doubt if we’d get another blackout with more current technology like that. It’d probably cost billions to change, though, and god knows I don’t want my taxes up.

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No way, dude. I don’t like nuclear power. [Why?] I’m not sure, actually; it’s supposed to be pretty safe. Know what it is? I think I just grew up watching The Simpsons and I’m thinking it will be like that, with a Homer and Burns running it.