Ted Leo Sings Woody Guthrie in Support of Wisconsin Laborers, but What the Fuck is Going on in Michigan?

03/28/2011 1:03 PM |

The Wisconsin protests have been receiving a fair amount of press, but what about Michigan’s “Emergency Manager” law? Signed into effect March 16th, so far the controversial decision has attracted little mainstream attention or upset.

As The Wall Street Journal reported:

“The law, which the Republican governor signed late Wednesday, beefs up the 1990 Emergency Financial Manager Act by giving a state-appointed manager the power to set aside labor contracts, fire local officials and even dissolve a community or school district.”

Note the term “state-appointed” here. This means that anyone of the governor’s choosing has the power to dismiss existing labor contracts. Some argue that the law could even lead to privatized jails. On top of that, proposals to cap these emergency managers’ salaries (or at least require them to have some background in education before they’d be appointed to certain school disricts) were all voted down by the Republican majority.

WTF. Who’s going to sing about this one?