That Movie With Indie Deities Carrie Brownstein and James Mercer, Playing at MoMA Tonight

03/30/2011 4:31 PM |


Which came first, Portlandia or Some Days Are Better than Others? Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney) and James Mercer (The Shins) star in the film, screening tonight 8:30pm at MoMA. From director Matt McCormick, Some Days appears to be the serious, feature-length mumble-core interpretation of Brownstein’s comedic shorts with Fred Armisen, centering around Millennials’ angst and ennui in Portland.

Some Days might not be the most feel-good of films, and yeah, we’re familiar with how depressed and aimless we twenty-somethings are. But it’s so easy to imagine James Mercer owning that sweet, lonely, beardy indie-man role. YACHT’s in there too, and Matthew Cooper (Eluvium) composed the soundtrack. If Carrie Brownstein can handle characters like a stodgy, feminist bookstore womyn, a Harajuku girl and an environmentally-OCD free-range advocate, then her role as a heartbroken, reality-TV obsessed animal rights activist in Some Days seems about right on. Check out the trailer, see if you like!