The Gayest Neighborhood in Brooklyn

03/31/2011 1:05 PM |

Greener means gayer

  • Greener means gayer

Suck it, Park Slope! According to new Census data, the highest percentage of same-sex couples can be found in the Columbia Street Waterfront District—not a real neighborhood, but a real census tract, from Atlantic Avenue to Degraw Street, from Columbia Street to the BQE—where 11 percent of 549 households identify as same-sex, the Brooklyn Paper reports. That number trounces those found in stereotypically “hip” areas: the gayest part of Park Slope—from 9th Street to 13th Street, between Fourth and Sixth avenues—reported only five percent of its cohabitators as gay; the gayest part of Williamsburg, from Berry to Kent and N. 7th to Grand, reported only four percent.

Second place in the gay-couples contest goes to a part of Prospect Heights, where nine percent of the cohabitators living between Atlantic Avenue and Bergen Street, and Vanderbilt and Grand avenues, reported as same sex. The part of the city with the highest concentration of same-sex couples is right over the Brooklyn border in Cypress Hills, Census Tract 114, in which a whopping 18 percent of its 207 households reported as gay! Because Queens is the new Brooklyn.

Of course, the highest concentration of same-sex couples does not mean the highest number of gays. “Households are not people,” Brooklyn Politics reminds us, “and lots of Brooklynites, of all sexual orientations, live in apartments that are not ‘couples’ households.”

You can play with census maps yourselves.