The People in Your Neighborhood: Artist Matthew William Robinson in Clinton Hill

03/02/2011 11:35 AM |

Matthew William Robinson

In this edition of These Are the People in Your Neighborhood, we talk to artist Matthew William Robinson, whose exhibition of beautiful, dramatic wasteland-like landscape paintings and collages opens at RePop in Clinton Hill on Friday (opening party 7:30-11pm!) and continues through March 30th.

Clinton Hill.

Best place to people-watch?
If you need a laugh, East River Park in Williamsburg, or Pratt. If you want to see REAL people I suggest Greenpoint or East Brooklyn.

Best place to drink?
Maggie Brown or Roman’s.

Best restaurant?
Taqueria Tepango, Brooklyn Public House.

Best bookstore or record store?
Any used.

Best grocery store or farmer’s market?
Fort Greene [Park Greenmarket].

Best laundromat?
Kleen R Laundromat. Not the best, just the one I use…. because it is next to John’s Coffee Donut Shop.

Best outdoor spot?
Crossing the Manhattan bridge on bike.

Best place to attend a show/view art/see a movie?
Not the Guggenheim!

Best coffee shop?
Pillow, Tillie’s.

Best subway line?
A train after JFK. Beautiful view of Jamaica Bay.

Best neighborhood person whose name you don’t know?
Hyun’s deli owner, wife and sandwich artist.

Which are there more of: dogs, bodega cats, strollers, American Apparel ads, or old men on stoops?
Dogs and baby bodega cats.

What’s missing from your neighborhood?
Jazz music and row houses.

What’s the biggest change since you’ve moved in?
Millennium Market means your hood is done. My block has become hip.

It’s a Saturday night in February. You don’t feel like traveling very far but are antsy for a night out. Where do you go?
The Emerson if i have already ate dinner. Great company from the neighborhood.