Theodora Richards, Daughter of Keith, Arrested for Tagging Soho Convent

03/03/2011 12:15 PM |

Theodora Richards

  • Theodora Richards REALLY likes art.

Theordora Richards (pictured making out with an underage painting), 25, fashion model and daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith, was arrested in Soho on Tuesday for tagging St. Anthony’s Convent at 190 Prince Street, possessing graffiti instruments (bubble paint!) and drugs (marijuana and hydrocodone), as numerous outlets reported.

Theodora Richards tag in Soho

The tiny tag, snapped by the Post and seen at right, is believe to refer to Theodora and her sister Alexandra. She was just putting the finishing touches on it when the cops rolled up, and a search of her purse revealed not only the writing instrument, but also the illegal/non-prescribed substances.

Rich, weed-smoking models tagging convents? And they said Soho was dead. Daddy must be proud. (NYPost, DailyIntel, CityRoom, Photo)