Two New Ghost Bikes for Fallen Brooklyn Cyclists

03/17/2011 8:55 AM |

Borough Hall Ghost Bike

  • (Courtesy Ghost BIkes)

On Sunday participants in New York City’s 6th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk converged on Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, where the Ghost Bikes organizers had just installed a memorial white bike for Unnamed Cyclists and Pedestrians Killed in 2010 (pictured). Earlier in the day one of the Brooklyn memorial rides stopped at another new ghost bike near the Atlantic Avenue BQE onramp.

BQE ghost bike

  • (Courtesy Ghost BIkes)

Around 4am on the morning of January 20, 45-year-old Dominik Perez was hit by two cars and killed while riding on the BQE near this entrance. His ghost bike commemorates Brooklyn’s second cyclist death in 2011 (the other being Jerome Johnson). Happily, there have been no cyclist deaths in Brooklyn since—must be all the new bike lanes.

Streetsblog has this video from the Memorial Ride and the installation of the Borough Hall Ghost Bike for unnamed cyclists and pedestrians.