Video Proves City’s Most Elite School, and the Entire School System, Is Racist

03/04/2011 8:57 AM |


Obama’s the president and now everybody’s fucking racist. The same day a head-shakingly racist petition began circulating through Park Slope, news emerged of a racist video produced by students at Stuyvestant high school. In it, a handful of white males with terrible freestyling skills (no vindicating 8 Mile ending here) deliver couplets like “yo ya rhymes is whack/you crusty ass black” and “stereotypical black yeah she kinda loud/but when it’s black-american day, she’s not proud” (wtf!?), as well as individual lines such as “you’re not gonna go to college, bitch, you’re thrifty” and “whatcha gonna do with your tongue stickin’ out”.

But there’s something a lot more racist about this story than the rapz.

Our local FOX affiliate reports: “The student population [at Stuyvestant] is 71.6 percent Asian, 24.1 percent white, 2.9 percent Hispanic, and 1.2 percent black.” Read that again: almost three in four Stuyvestant students is Asian. As of 2009, New York City as a whole was 7.1 percent Asian, 59.9 percent white, 16.8 percent Hispanic, and 17.2 percent black.

The difference = racism. Not necessarily on the part of Stuyvestant, or even the test (although, maybe), but on behalf of every functioning piece of American society. Unless, as a colleague half-seriously suggests, it’s “what happens when all the well-situated white kids go to private school and all the well-situated black kids go to charters. Who else is left to pass the test?”


The offending video: