Watch This Horrible American Idol Contestant Ruin “Come Pick Me Up” by Ryan Adams

03/10/2011 9:00 AM |

For somewhere near a decade now, I’ve been able to watch American Idol because of how rarely they perform songs I actually give a shit about. Last night, though, Paul McDonald, my least favorite contestant for reasons I can’t quite pinpoint, did “Come Pick Me Up” by Ryan Adams. There aren’t that many songs I like more than “Come Pick Me Up,” at least not by anyone alive/under the age of 60. And holy shit, did this dude ruin it.Smiling the whole way through it, dancing his stupid Christ Martin dance, wearing his stupid Chris Martin jacket, for some reason saying “uh” before every single line, ad libbing all sorts of requests for audience participation even though clearly no one knew the song. And let’s not even talk about changing all the words in the chorus. Ay yi yi. Also, it will be difficult, but you should really try getting through the whole performance, so that you get to see Jennifer Lopez say, “I don’t know Ryan Adams or that song, and I know a lot of music,” which is pretty funny. But not as funny as Randy saying, “I love Ryan Adams. I thought maybe you’d pick the song ‘Two’ or something like that… this guy loves Whiskeytown, he loves Wilco.” Now, a much less painful version…

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  • Paul also thinks “Suedehead” was on Southpaw Grammar.

  • Omg, why why why!!!! I’m so glad someone out there is just as distraught about his sad interpretation of such an amazing Adams song. Uuuuggghhhhhhh and this is the second time idol has ruined Ryan Adams, google Blake Lewis singing “When the stars go blue.” It literally tears me apart to hear songs I LOVE ripped apart so horribly, it just goes to show how special Ryan Adams really is. Ugh, I’m not going to sleep well tonight. Lol