Williamsburg Hate Crime Makes Gay Bashing Literal

03/16/2011 8:57 AM |


On February 22, in front of 76 North 4th Street near Wythe, a group attacked local resident Barie Shortell as he was walking home. They didn’t rob him, but they did break his nose, jaw, eye-socket and other bones in his face while taunting him with anti-gay slurs. At Woodhull Hospital, he underwent more than nine hours of facial reconstruction surgery.

This is what the next wave of gentrification is going to look like, folks: the hip artists get replaced by well-to-do the stockbrokers with rage and drinking problems. (Either that, or it’s the misguided revenge of the pre-gentrification class, right? Either way, fuck.)

Next week, Shortell’s friends are hosting a benefit, The Gay Bash, in Greenpoint, intended to help off-set the cost of future surgeries that he’ll require. You can also just donate money.

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  • Has it been established that this guy was beaten up by a roaming gang of homophobic stockbrokers & investment bankers?

    I’m just curious because that’s what this article is implying, which, if untrue, is a dangerous thing to insinuate. Perhaps we ought to wait & see who is guilty of this crime before we go about implicating anyone …

  • Hey L Magazine, do you have more details about this story? It is kind of irresponsible to blame this on the bro-type (or the pre-bro type) before we know the facts.

  • “Gay bashing” originated as a literal description. It used to be a common occurrence in nyc through the 1980s at least.

  • This is a terrible circumstance and so unfortunate, my heart goes out to this man. It saddens me that acts like this are still going on- in Williamsburg no less.

    C’mon Henry, it’s unfair of you to blame it on well-to-do-stockbrokers. Just because someone has money doesn’t make them homophobic or an alcoholic. I don’t know about you or how long you’ve lived in the neighborhood, but Williamsburg has been gentrified by these people for quite sometime. Who else can afford to live in those water front condos? You’re just as bad as they are by pointing the finger; you’re not helping the problem, if anything you’re make it worse.

  • Im sure the police are on this case. j/k!

  • Qualifying this as a case of the natural results of gentrification is massively insulting, not to mention stupid. Were you just trying to draw some lesson out of the incident, stuck on the word “Williamsburg” and assumed that this must have something to do with gentrification?
    Gay men can be and are beaten in any number of neighborhoods, towns and the countryside. This is not what gentrification looks like. This is what aimless violence packed together with homophobia looks like, and it can happen anywhere. This article is an insult to victims of hate violence everywhere.