You Have Less Than 48 Hours to Get Your Cloud Footage in LCD Soundsystem’s Farewell Show

03/31/2011 4:11 PM |

Daft Punk is playing in the sky

  • Daft Punk is playing in the sky

Right, so, the end of LCD Soundsystem: a big-deal production, Madison Square Garden, lots of special guests, not enough tickets… you know all this. Now you can play a small part in it by offering up your “footage of clouds and sky shot from airplane windows” to be projected at some point during the concert. The call for submissions went out on show director Lance Bang’s website this week with instructions to e-mail any YouTube and Vimeo links of clouds and sky and stuff to by Friday (show’s on Saturday, as if you don’t read BrooklynVegan every day). Just think how cool &#8212 and also old &#8212 you’re going to feel telling your grandchildren about the time you rode on something called an “airplane” and filmed the clouds pass by using what was called an “iPhone” and how it later appeared in the final LCD Soundsystem show, who “were so much better than all that god-awful noise you kids are listening to these days.” And that last part might actually be true.

A few other random notes concerning LCD’s goodbye: Pitchfork reported today that Arcade Fire-collaborator/SXSW buzzcatcher/extreme saxophonist Colin Stetson will be joining the roster of special guests for the remaining shows this week. Remember that Kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary following a group of friends trekking across the country to watch LCD play one last time? Well, it didn’t reach its goal in time. On a more positive note, Pitchfork will be hosting an exclusive live webcast of the final show on Saturday for us ticketless souls, so at least we’ll have that.