750 Cyclists (or 200, According to the Post) Ride in Support of Prospect Park West Lane

04/11/2011 11:42 AM |

Yesterday afternoon 750 Brooklyn cyclists of all ages (or 200 if you read the Post) rode in the Prospect Park West Family Bike Ride between 10:30am and 1:30pm, showing their support for the endlessly disputed two-way protected bike lane.

Every other outlet—Park Slope Patch, Brooklyn Paper, Brooklyn Spoke—puts the number of riders at 750, which video evidence above certainly seems to support. That’s about three times the number of pro-lane cyclists who turned out for a rally in October that was also attended by anti-lane folks.

The lion’s share of riders were parents and their kids, many of whom told nearly as numerous reporters that the lane was one of the only places in the neighborhood that’s safe enough for children to ride (there is that huge park right there, though). The hope, presumably, is that the cranky old folks who are suing the city to have the lane removed because can’t get used to looking both ways while crossing a street they previously only needed to look down in one direction before shuffling across couldn’t possibly stay mad at something that so many cute kids like. But that’s probably an overestimation of their ability to empathize with their neighbors.