Anonymous Artist Resurrects Vandalized “Piss Christ” for Easter

04/25/2011 4:31 PM |

Andres Serranos Piss Christ at left, and an anonymous artists The Resurrection of Piss Christ at right.

  • Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” at left, and an anonymous artist’s “The Resurrection of Piss Christ” at right.

In response to the Christian radicals who vandalized New York-based photographer Andres Serrano‘s controversial photograph “Piss Christ” in France last week, another artist (in league with our own Paddy Johnson) has anonymously launched the artwork/new media/social sculpture/crowd-sourced mashup project The Resurrection of Piss Christ.

The project made its debut on the day of Christ’s return, inviting viewers to become users and collaborators by downloading “The Resurrection of Piss Christ” and making it their own. An accompanying press release takes issue primarily with Serrano, and his “profiteering from this emphatically real human conflict.” Instead, this image of a resurrected Christ in urine, admittedly nowhere near as strangely beautiful and arresting as Serrano’s work, “is offered freely by the artist as a high-resolution image for comment, reuse, and repurposing.”

Accompanying the image and press release, a manifesto-like artist’s statement asserts:

As a statement against the commercial value of an intentionally contentious work, The Resurrection will feed and inflate it.

The Resurrection flaunts its infinite reproducibility. Coupled with my anonymity, it ignores the archaic mechanism upon which the art market balances itself.

The Resurrection exists beyond the marketplace. Do what you want with it.

So get to it. Paddy wants your remixed Resurrection of Piss Christ images.