Bon Iver to Release “Artfully” Auto-Tuned New Album on June 21

04/20/2011 3:08 PM |


Hibernation seems to work for Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Pitchfork announced this morning that after spending three years recording and mixing the project with his brother Nate at an old Wisconsin veterinarian’s clinic, Vernon would release the new full-length Bon Iver album, Bon Iver, on June 21 with label Jagjaguwar. It’s only the second full-length from Bon Iver—the first, For Emma, Forever Ago, Vernon self-released in 2007 after isolating himself for three months in a Wisconsin cabin. NPR’s Robin Hilton, who’s been sitting on the new Bon Iver for a week, reports that Vernon relies less on the minimalist acoustic sound and instead ventures into synth and auto-tune territory. But it’s all right, it’s all right: Hilton says Vernon manages the auto-tune it “artfully.”

Sigh of relief. Let’s hope Vernon still gives us some of that acoustic magic, even with the fancier technological additions. Watch him do it below, when he captures a small, candlelit room full of awestruck people in one of Vincent Moon’s Take Away Shows in Paris.

Take Away Show #93 _ Bon Iver (full version) from Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes on Vimeo.