Brooklyn Gets New Area Code, Its Third

04/18/2011 2:53 PM |


929? Is that a New Jersey number? No, no…they just took 212, and multiplied everything by 4 1/2. And then subtracted 2 1/2 from the middle.

Time was that every phone number in New York City began with 212. Then the outerboroughs converted to 718. Then there were too many phone numbers for those area codes to handle: Manhattan got 646, the other four boroughs got 347.

And now 718 and 347 can’t handle the load: starting this weekend, residents of Brooklyn and other non-Manhattan regions of the city will have yet another area code: 929. “Due to the city’s swelling population and rapid growth in cell phone usage,” the Bed Stuy Patch reports, “five area codes for New York City”—presumably including 917—”no longer are enough.” Manhattan will get a third area code ca. 2014.

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