Bushwick Garbage Man Drives Garbage Truck Drunk

04/20/2011 10:40 AM |


A sanitation worker was arrested yesterday after he swerved into the wrong lane on Bushwick Avenue, slamming into a sedan and sending its driver and passenger to a hospital, the Daily News reported. The seven-year garbage man, 30-year-old Sebastiano Tritto, was en route to a transfer station to dump his load when he caused the accident near Grand Street. He was given a breathalyzer test at the scene and failed, according to police.

The commenters on the tabloid’s website have been relentless, but not really because he drove drunk—because he works for sanitation, reminding us of just how unpopular that department remains in the aftermath of the blizzard.

“Ha!,” writes one. “Let’s not forget the ‘dirty drunks’ were also drunk during the blizzard. Brilliant!!!!”

While we’re not forgetting that hard fact, let’s also remember that sanitation workers also drive badly. “Most of the time”—most of the time—”these NYC Sanitation Truck Drivers are recklessly speeding around city streets & blowing Red Lights, tailgating, & creating dangerous conditions for other motorists and pedestrians,” writes another commenter.

Their poor driving skills could result from ethnicity. “All these Italians garbage people act like pigs on a roads,” opines one commenter.

Of course, his reckless behavior is also a matter of entitlement. “Typical union city emploee [sic],” writes one. More like archetypal! One commenter puts that sweet union gig in perspective: “What an idiot!! A job that will pay him about 100k, with overtime, has just been tossed away. Good luck with your security guard job.” May we also wish good luck to the victims, who are in stable condition.


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  • i guess those commenters just don’t understand, he’s a garbageman.

  • Now all the idiots have commented. i guess all the hardworking d.s.n.y. workers are labeled for the actions of one. Theres no excuse for what happened and he should and will be punished but why does that make us all bad. The previous morrons who had those theatrical statements probably had people in their lives who made the same stupid mistake. Did you also comment on them?

  • ResQuick to comment,slow to think,that’s my kind response to those who have unkind words for an entire dept. for the actions of one! Narrow minded individuals such as those who post hurtfull remarks such as those I just read should walk the miles in our boots,smell what we smell,lift what we lift, and see what we see on an easier day. Just do what we do for a day or so then open your mouths and then we will hear something more meaningfull starting with an apology!!!! And if not,well there’s an old quote,”Ya just can’t fix stupid!” Respectfully submitted, A sanitation worker.(not “a garbage man”)