Conspiracy to Quarrantine Brooklyn Begins With “Routine” Bridge Closures

04/08/2011 4:10 PM |

These bridges will get you nowhere.

  • These bridges will get you nowhere.

Within the space of four days, the Brooklyn Paper reports on forthcoming closures for construction on the Brooklyn Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge, without making the obvious, sinister connection that this is all part of a vast conspiracy to cordon off Brooklynites if/when the borough secedes.

Nightly closings on the Brooklyn Bridge’s Manhattan-bound car lanes began Monday evening, and will continue while the city renovates and repaints the historic span with the following schedule: “weekdays from 11 pm to 6 am; Saturdays from 12:01 am to 7 am; and Sundays from 12:01 am to 9 am.” The article doesn’t specify an end date to these closings, though presumably they won’t last until the scheduled completion of the bridge refurbishing project, which is to say 2014. The bike and pedestrian level isn’t affected by the closings, yet.

Two spans to the north (on the far side of that other under-construction bridge, the Manhattan), the Williamsburg Bridge is also going to be partially shut down in the evenings for three Saturdays to allow for repairs to its expansion joints (these things!). The Saturday closings will occur from 6am to 6pm on April 16, 30 and May 4 (with following Sundays reserved as rain dates), and will affect the two outermost lanes on the Brooklyn-bound side. The pedestrian and bicycle paths will not be affected. This would probably be a great time to launch that reliable new Brooklyn-Manhattan ferry service.