Giant Earthen Vagina Coming to Governors Island Next Month

04/29/2011 4:06 PM |

Thinking of that scene in Talk To Her; you know what Im talking about...

  • Thinking of that scene in “Talk To Her”; you know what I’m talking about…

Every summer Governors Island plays host to a bunch of temporary art and architecture installations; one previous installment was creepy, and this year’s will be dirty. Architect’s Newspaper reports that a domed pavilion formed from earthen strands has won the Figment City of Dreams Pavilion design competition, and will make its debut on the historic New York Harbor land mass starting May 27. What does it look like to you?

The pavilion, designed by East Village-based “design farm” Bittertang, is called Burple Bup, and features walls made of winding tubes filled with soil and bark that will be covered in grass to create a structure that’s part architecture, part landmass. The pavilion’s roof-like canopy will consist of balloons dubbed “Bups” that will provide shade and shelter. When the summer season on Governors Island ends, the pavilion will be disassembled and either reconstructed elsewhere, or composted and recycled. In the meantime, don’t the renderings make it look like a giant vagina?

Here’s a more 3D look at the structure, floating balloons and all, for further proof.

Burple Bup sounds like a fake futuristic disease in a sci-fi comedy.

  • Burple Bup sounds like a fake futuristic disease in a sci-fi comedy.

Now the new Governors Island pussy will have a shaded spot to sleep.

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