Haitian Pop Star Wins Presidency

04/21/2011 3:31 PM |


Michel Martelly, or “Sweet Micky,” a Haitian pop star known for his sensational, burlesque stage shows, was declared the president of Haiti today, after winning nearly 68 percent of the popular vote. Before he became President of Haiti, Martelly had already proclaimed himself the “President of Compas,” a type of Haitian dance music derived from merengue and African rhythms. Wyclef Jean had also been a contender for the presidency, but was ruled ineligible as he hadn’t spent enough time consistently in the country.

A pop star president kind of makes total sense, music being the universal language of humanity and all. Or wait, was that math? Regardless, the closest President Obama probably ever got to pop-stardom was through the most benign of presidential conspiracy theories, when last year people pointed out an Obama doppelganger in the 1993 music video for “Whoomp (There It Is).” The alleged cameo is at the 1:01 minute mark.