Literary Upstart: Deadline, Wild Card, and Next Reading

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04/06/2011 3:33 PM |


Hello, everyone. With the second of Literary Upstart‘s three semifinals coming up in exactly three weeks’ time, let’s run down a couple of things about our short fiction competition and reading series (brought to you by the New School and Harper Perennial).

First off, a submission deadline. The submissions guidelines, which you can of course read here, point out that we’ll be reading throughout the spring to fill our three semifinal readings; we’re now prepared to announce/clarify that the submissions deadline for this year’s Literary Upstart is Sunday, May 1. So get cracking.

Now, about this Wild Card.

We are, I hope self-evidently, very proud of all the stories whose authors we invite to Upstart, and we want the final (on June 9! At Galapagos Art Space!) to reflect that. So in addition to the customary three semifinal winners as selected by our distinguished and frequently sober judging panel, we’ll be inviting one Wild Card finalist, as selected by the L, to read at Upstart’s Grand Finale and possibly shake things up.

If you miss any of the readings, you can check out both the semifinal winners and wild card candidates here, where we’re posting audio of all the stories. And we’d encourage you to tell us about your favorites.

The Wild Card will be announced here, at, on Thursday, May 26, the day after the third semifinal.

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