Long Fought-For Waterfront Park Finally Coming to Greenpoint

04/11/2011 2:11 PM |

This parking lot will soon be a park

  • This parking lot will soon be a park

North Brooklyn park advocates have two pieces of good news to celebrate: the MTA is finally making way for a long-fought for waterfront park in Greenpoint, while the city plans to devote almost half-a-million dollars to rehabilitate a South Williamsburg playground.

On Friday, the MTA announced it would finally move the buses it currently parks in a lot on Commercial Street to Queens and a lot underneath the Williamsburg Bridge, the Brooklyn Paper reported. As part of the 2005 rezoning, the site was promised to the community as the future home of a waterfront park, but for the last six years it has remained an MTA parking lot, blocked off from the public by a famously ugly chain link fence. The lot was the site of a recent protest in February.

Meanwhile, a playground the New York Post calls “decrepit” will receive $450,000 in city funds for an overhaul. Rodney Park runs along the BQE, near Rodney Street. “The skinny five-block-long park has abutted Brooklyn’s scar-like expressway since both were built in 1952,” the Post reports, “and it’s been a popular place for after-school games and a hot street basketball league.” Residents have long pushed for a multi-million dollar project that would connect the playground to another on Marcy Avenue. That larger project isn’t in the works, but for now residents will get “a labyrinth play area, new benches and chairs for seniors, and a drum circle for the neighborhood’s percussionists.”

Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick was also recently rehabilitated.

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  • This is a freaking travesty that you have these politicians and local community people supporting building new parks while people are sleeping on the street without shelter. Outrage and travesty!