Urs Fischer’s 20-Ton, 23-Foot Teddy Bear Parked on Park Avenue

04/06/2011 2:48 PM |

Midtowns saddest giant animal since King Kong.

  • Midtown’s saddest giant animal since King Kong.

As we learned a couple days ago, Brooklyn-based Swiss art star Urs Fischer‘s “Untitled (Lamp/Bear),” a giant bronze sculpture based on a one-foot yellow teddy bear seated under a huge desk lamp that glows at night, is being installed at the foot of the Seagram building at Park Avenue and 52nd Street, where it will remain until it’s auctioned off for an expected $10 million at Christie’s next month.

Pictures (from Curbed, NYCLovesNYC and others) prove that the playful, faux-plush giant is just about ready in the public plaza—whose floor had to be reinforced in preparation for the sculpture’s arrival. The installation isn’t scheduled to be complete until Friday, presumably to allow time to rig the wiring to permit the over-sized lamp’s bulb to light up. Another view of the big, unfinished fella:


(Photo: NYCLovesNYC)