Wheatpasting To Replace Graffiti on Subways?

04/06/2011 4:21 PM |

Two Girls with a Rifle, circa 1944.

  • “Two Girls with a Rifle, circa 1944.”

Used to be the subway cars were covered with tags and graffiti, but just as street art has commandeered ever larger swaths of the above-ground urban landscape (not to mention abandoned subway stations), so a new set of wheatpaste works spotted in subway cars by Jilly Ballistic suggests a new direction for art aboard the MTA.

The series (thus far only spotted on G and M trains) features Jilly Ballistic’s trademark mix of black-and-white archival photos—sometimes cropped, elsewhere in full and with literary quotations. So much better than the official MTA art.

Family Portrait with Sartre.

  • “Family Portrait with Sartre.”

(Photos: Jilly Ballistic; SubwayArtBlog)