Bergen Street Gallery The Invisible Dog Robbed!

05/20/2011 4:30 PM |

The Invisible Dog Art Center

Sorry to do the sad Friday afternoon news thing again—at least this time it doesn’t involve the death of a child—but today’s Brooklyn Paper reports that beloved Bergen Street gallery The Invisible Dog was recently robbed of nearly $1,500 by an intern.

Gallery owner Lucien Zayan tells the BP that on May 9 the intern in question—who’d been placed at Invisible Dog through Exalt, a Brooklyn-based program that provides teens who’ve committed crimes with stipended internships instead of jail time—hopped on a computer and transferred $500 from the gallery into his account via PayPal.

Zayan later discovered that the same intern had cashed a $950 check destined to the art space. He tells the Paper: “For me, and for the Invisible Dog, this isn’t a big deal, but for the intern, he’s in a very bad situation.”

The gallery got the loot back, and Zayan plans to continue working with interns from Exalt: “I’m not going to stop my collaboration. I believe in what they do.”

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