Brooklyn Museum Has City’s Highest Ratio of Twitter Followers to Visitors

05/31/2011 12:20 PM |

(Image via MuseumNerd)

  • (Image via MuseumNerd)

Well here’s a fun infographic that doesn’t reveal much of anything: based on numbers collected in mid-April, Museum Nerd assembled this charticle (full version after the jump) comparing the attendance numbers of 50 New York City Museums to their number of Twitter followers. Leading the pack is the Brooklyn Museum, which with 212,000 followers and 325,000 visitors has the highest follower-visitor ratio (65 percent). So what?

(Image via MuseumNerd)

Well, some of the most well-trafficked museums have virtually no Twitter followers (we’re tweeting at you, American Museum of Natural History and Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum), while comparatively small institutions like Japan Society and the Brooklyn Historical Society have comparatively huge Twitter followings.

Also the Met, despite renewed efforts to boost its online presence, is only followed by a five percent fraction of its staggering 5.4 million attendance figure. And for all its newness, the New Museum only has Twitter followers amounting to eight percent of its attendance. Meanwhile, Staten Island’s Tibetan Museum has a surprisingly healthy follower-visitor ratio of 24 percent, the same as MoMA.