Crown Heights Reclaims Land West of Bedford Avenue

05/11/2011 9:49 AM |


Washington Avenue is once again the western border of Crown Heights, the Prospect Heights Patch reports. Corcoran, the real estate mega-agency, had been listing properties west of Bedford Avenue as Prospect Heights; other unscrupulous realtors had been calling the area Pro-Cro, a mash-up of the two. This had so enraged Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries—who accuses such companies of artificially inflating real estate prices—that he had started drafting legislation that would make it illegal for real estate companies to make up new names for areas. Meanwhile, the assemblyman contacted Corcoran and told the company it might be committing fraud under state law for marketing Crown Heights as Prospect Heights.

So Corcoran backed down. “The borders of New York City’s neighborhoods are often debated to the point of confusion,” the CEO said in a statement. “We were happy to comply with Assemblyman Jeffries’ request and appreciate his efforts on behalf of his district.”

The next fight? Patch reports Corcoran still lists the border of Clinton Hill and Bed Stuy as Bedford instead of Classon. Ohhhhhh no they didn’t!!