Foodie Snobs on Tumblr The Yelp Elite Are Mostly New Yorkers, Obviously

05/02/2011 9:44 AM |

Yelp, with its unedited, un-self-censoring legions of user-reviewers, is about as reliable a source of restaurant recommendations as the Post‘s comments section is of bicycle policy. But it’s a veritable wellspring of comedy, as the new Tumblr The Yelp Elite demonstrates time and again.

Though not New York-exclusive, it’s certainly dominated by excerpts of reviews of Manhattan and Brooklyn establishments, from foodie destinations like Momofuku Milk Bar (“perfunctory work with the high bombastic gaga of being pretentious”) and Williamsburg favorites like Mesa Coyoacan (“I had the enchiladas with green sauce and it was RIPPIN AZZ RIPPIN AZZ!!”) to hole-in-the-wall cheap eats joints like the East Village’s Plump Dumpling (“You call yourself Plump Dumpling. You taste more like Ass Dumpling.”). And it wouldn’t be the internet without some hipster-hating and racism, which this crowd-sourced critic combines impressively: