Fort Greene Now a Lot Less Black

05/25/2011 9:49 AM |

Mad white people live in Fort Greene now

  • Mad white people live in Fort Greene now

Fort Greene and Clinton Hill’s black population decreased by more than 30 percent in the last ten years, according to an analysis of census data performed by the Times blog The Local. The area reports 10,000 fewer black residents than it did in 2000; blacks now account for less than half of the neighborhood’s population. In New York City as a whole, the black population declined just two percent; in Brooklyn, it was slightly higher at four.

While the black population fell in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, the white population doubled in the last 10 years to 36 percent, with increases in every census tract except the one that includes the Ingersoll Houses. More than 1,000 new Asian residents moved into the community, as well.

“It could be that the yuppies are moving in, you know, poor people are moving out,” a sociology professor told the blog. Hmmm, could be. Or maybe they were undercounted? Or maybe black people just got too cool.