Here He Comes Now: Lou Reed Rides Fold-A-Bike on the Sidewalk

05/17/2011 2:52 PM |

Lou Reed, riding like a jerk. (photo: Elder Ordonez/

  • Lou Reed, riding like a jerk. (photo: Elder Ordonez/

Velvet Underground frontman and all around used-to-be cool guy Lou Reed was spotted by the Post today, flagrantly barreling down the sidewalk on his bicycle in defiance of the Department of Transportation’s new “Don’t Be a Jerk” campaign. This marks yet another display of celebrity disregard in the chronicle of the bike law crackdown, one month after a far more badass-looking Robin Williams slipped by a fine for the same violation.

The (d)evolution in Reed’s choice of two-wheelers over the last few years follows pretty closely the same trajectory as his career. From a snazzy, vintage Electra Townie cruiser in 2009, to a more sensible Jamis hybrid a year later, to a fold-a-bike (with orange tube socks) today. That’s about as rock-and-roll as the cringe-worthy Live MCMXCIII they should have never released in 1993. We still love him though.