Hester Street Fair Kicks Off New Season With Killer Food Vendors

05/09/2011 2:35 PM |


The Hester Street Fair made its triumphant return to the Lower East Side on Saturday. Apparently, people love vintage stuff and cheap food, because the place was packed shoulder-to-shoulder with foodies and curious passersby. Luke’s Lobster was a little too popular, as they announced they had run out of delicious $15 lobster rolls at 3:30pm. Another big winner: La Newyorkina, maker of Mexican-style, handmade popsicles in flavors like mango-chile, cucumber-lime and horchata.

Also on offer: Vietnamese sandwiches from L.E.S. banh mi shop An Choi, shaved ice from Bao Bing and risotto balls from Arancini. I was really digging the empanadas from La Sonrisa, fluffy little pockets stuffed with things like pulled pork, coconut curry chicken and sausage and peppers. What else was worth braving the insanely long lines?


The crepe station was buzzing, as Le Crepe C’est Si Bon whipped up crepes filled with everything from Nutella to ham. Farm-to-table Lower East Side eatery Fat Radish was serving fancy fare like celery root pot pies while the always cheerful Rhonda Kave of Roni Sue’s was at a table selling her handmade chocolates. What if waiting half-an-hour for a sandwich isn’t an option? Do like I did and grab a quick, salty pretzel from Sigmund Pretzelshop, the East Village artisanal bakery, who had piles of them waiting and ready-to-go. Check out the Hester Street Fair every Saturday from 10am-6pm until October 30th on the corner of Hester and Essex Streets.