In Red Hook, bin Laden’s Death Ends Decade-Long Protest

05/02/2011 11:32 AM |

Photo: George Fiala

  • Photo: George Fiala

“Where is Osama bin Laden?” the sign asked. Every morning before she left for work, sculptor Cheryl Stewart (no relation) has updated the hand-crafted billboard in front of her Coffey Street home in Red Hook, adding another day to the tally of how long it’d been since the terrorist attacks of September 11th. “I do it every day,” she told the Times in 2008. “It’s the thing that I do.” The question about bin Laden has now been answered, and maybe for the first morning since 2003 Cheryl Stewart won’t have to change the numbers (though the time since 9/11 continues to pass). She might have to amend the sign, however; in the meantime, someone has found a temporary fix with pen, paper and electrical tape.